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Gold & Builder Series Camshafts

Engineered to work with modified engines, Hot Cams Builder Series and Gold Series camshafts offer custom cam performance without the custom cam price. The Builder Series and Gold Series cams, like the standard line of cams, are rooted around ease of installation and genuine, usable performance increases. However, these cams take it a few steps further.

The new Gold and Builder Series cams are aimed at enthusiasts and engine builders that are looking for the optimum in performance, flexibility and reliability. More importantly, Gold and Builder Series camshafts are designed to compliment modified engines using such modifications as big bore cylinders, high compression pistons and performance exhausts. Additionally, many applications will see a wide variety of cams to transform and tune your engine to your specific needs. Whether it’s endurocross or flat track racing, there’s a Gold Series or Builder Series cam to hone the powerband just as it’s needed.

Unlike the standard Hot Cams, the Gold Series cams and some Builder Series cams utilize the new line of Gold Series springs. These springs, crafted from premium quality Japanese spring steel, allow for greater flexibility in the cam design and ensure that the valvetrain will remain at its peak performance and trouble-free.

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Simply stated, Hot Cams Gold Series and Builder Series cams are performance cams that are specifically tailored to unleash the power within modified engines.

For additional information, see the individual product listings for dyno and lobe information. Also be sure to check out the Hot Cams installation videos.