General FAQs:

 What’s the difference between our stage 1 and stage 2 cams?
Unless we only offer a stage 1 kit for a certain bike, our stage 1 cams are normally a low to mid-range cam. Our stage 2 cams are mid to top-end cams.
 Can I use a Rev box or aftermarket CDI box with my Hot Cams?
 What material are your valve shims made out of?
 How do you degree a cam?
 Jetting Specifications
 Hot Cams Sponsorship opportunities
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Model Specific FAQs:

 Can I install just the exhaust cam (4035-1E) into my YZF or WR 400/426 to take advantage of the auto decompression?
Yes, but there will be minimal power changes. By installing both the intake and exhaust Hot Cams you will see about a 9% power increase.
 Do I use my stock decompression mechanism for the 1039-1 cam or the 1057-2 cam for my CRF250R/CRF250X?
 Will the Hot Cams Shim Kit work on any of the KTM models?
 Do I use the stock decompression mechanism on the 1016-1, 1024-2, and 1056-3 cams for my CRF450R/CRF450X and TRX450R?
 Will the 5033-1 Hot Cam work in my Polaris Sportsman 700 EFI model?
 The 4011-1, 4005-2, and 4050-3 Hot Cams for the Raptor 660 do not have the tachometer drive pin in them. Is this a problem?
 Do I use the stock decompression mechanism on the 2040-1E Hot Cam for my KX250F/RMZ250?
 Can I use the YZF450 Hot Cams in my YZF400 or YZF426?
 Can I use the 4022-1E Hot Cam for the YZF450 in my WR450 or YFZ450?
 Do I use my stock decompression mechanism on my 5046-1E Hot Cam for my Predator 500.
 Do I use the stock decompression mechanism on the 1004-1, 1009-1, 1010-2 Hot Cams for the XR600, XR650L, and XR650R?
 Will the 1051-3 Hot Cam work in anything but the Hot Rods big bore stroker kit for my TRX400EX?
 Will the 1007-1 Hot Cam work in a big bore kit that I already have on my TRX400EX?
 Do the 1007-1, 1043-2, and 1051-3 Hot Cams use the stock decompression mechanism on my XR400 or my TRX400EX?
 How do I set the decompression mechanism on my CRF450 or my TRX450R?
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